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The religious culture war comes to Israel

The kindness paradox

Happy inclusive holidays!

The European Union’s subversion of Israel

Kindness in the moral maze

The sickening Sussexes' psychodrama

How the White House strategy against Jew-hatred undermines itself

How transgender consumed women's rights

Should the NHS be ditched?

The Good Jew/Bad Jew demonisation strategy

America's banana republic

Brexit and the Channel boat people

Diaspora Jews keep making the same mistake

An altered state

The scapegoating of Brexit

Western humbug over murdered Israelis

Taking the knee? No, vacuously jerking it

The damaging sexual degradation of the young

Time Israel untied America's apron strings

How "decolonisation" is unpicking rationality

Dragons and dragon-slayers in Israel and America

US Congress on a knife-edge

The subversion of American democracy

How Jew-hatred has to fit the narrative

Israel joins the west’s culture wars

The loss of Britain's border controls

The jihadi onslaught against Christians

Britain's pragmatic new premier

The unholy alliance between Republicans and Islamists

The tangled web of Iran appeasement

Courting antisemitism through Israel-bashing

The Tories' existential crisis

Lord Levy is wrong

Hysteria greets Truss's proposed embassy move

Welcome, Sir Tom. It's been too long

Democracy’s watchdog abandons its role

The censorship ratchet turns another notch

The meltdown of Britain's Tory party

Why "progressives" can’t deal with antisemitism

Unlawful bigotry at Berkeley Law

The west devours its children

The real reason for the war against Israel and the west

The samizdat climate corps

An inflection point for Iran?

The Queen's funeral

The defender of faith

The momentous task for King Charles III

The real threat to US democracy

Tearing up the Israel /US rules of engagement

A devastating loss

We must brace ourselves

The horrifying line about Liz Truss

The true challenge facing Britain's new prime minister

The BBC's perfectly sealed thought system

The Duchess of Diva and the death of Diana

How "human rights" believers fund evil

Apoplexy greets Israel’s move against terror NGOs

Update from the brink

The hellish ruins of American leadership

The scientists who aren't there

Humbug, hypocrisy and Holocaust

The satanic versus the supine

The closing of the university mind

Just whose side is the Biden team on?

Hamas shows reporters its iron fist

The people's martyr?

Israel pre-empts further Iran proxy attack

Bolting from the fight for civilisation

The transgender child abuse scandal

An obtuse, myopic and spiteful campaign

Israel TV’s shallow, irresponsible stunt

Snobbery in the moral maze

Sanity fights back, at last

The urgent need for Jewish leadership

A rabbi tells his own side "J'accuse"

Never mind the facts, just worship the models

The Three Mousqueteers

Warm words and empty gestures

My interview with David Friedman

Abortion in the moral maze

A leap of imagination

The axis of "progressive" Jew-hatred

The negation of conservatism

The battle for the conservative soul

The fall of Boris Johnson

Biting the bullet

After Boris, the essential reset

A culture giving up on its own humanity

Licking Ben &Jerry's

Ukraine in the moral maze

A referendum should be for the whole nation

The US Supreme Court holds its nerve

The moral clarity of Nikki Haley

Strike action in the moral maze

Ripping up the dead poets society

The EU’s Jerusalem charm offensive

Brexit's Gordian knot, part two

Britain's deportation farce

The holy man of appeasement

Why are Jewish leaders laundering the Labour party?

The travesty of Pillay’s kangaroo court

The missing cultural bond

America continues to appease the Palestinians

Universities in the moral maze

Why so many young people are going off the rails

No rainbow’s end for the Jews of Oz

Policing in the moral maze

Missing in action: Tory MPs

A most ungodly prejudice

The "broken windows" strategy against Israel demonisation

The Holocaust memorial laundry project

Demonising Israel in the west. Yet again

Dupes, lies and videotape

The return of Lutfur Rahman

An incendiary and manipulative horror show?

A woman's right ... to intimidate?

Why Russia has once again turned on the Jews

A world that's lost its mind and conscience

The betrayal over the Iranian bomb

A pushback against the Great Lunacy?

The foundational creed of political freedom

The legerdemain of moral bankruptcy

Complicit in depravity

An alternative universe

How democracy died in media darkness

Why populists are inevitable but flawed

Ill-conceived Holocaust memorial halted

Ukraine's key lesson for international order

The canaries in the cultural mine

Will Boris stop trying to extract sunbeams from cucumbers?

Blinken’s obscene "progressive" agenda

The complaining, explaining royal

What was Blinken doing at the Negev summit?

Why liberals fail to equate Israel and Ukraine

Is nationalism back in favour?

The moral maze of cleaning the internet

The long tentacle of terror

Zelensky distorts the Holocaust

Biden’s shocking empowerment of Russia and Iran

The ominous subtext of Nazanin's release

America remains hell-bent on capitulation to Iran

America and the truth of asymmetric warfare

Down the biological rabbit hole

Sanctions in the moral maze

Ukraine first — Israel next?

For the Jews, history repeats itself in Ukraine

The war against Ukraine in the moral maze

Perfidy in Vienna?

Putin apologists and the crisis in conservatism

Laugh or cry?

How America has empowered evil in Russia and Iran

The green dream goes lethal

The trifecta of imminent surrender

The lethal miscalculations over Vladimir Putin

An elegy for policing

The thin blue line fractures

Sporting perfection, or an abused child?

How America is helping Iran get a nuclear arsenal

The future in the moral maze

The deepening ugliness of British political life

Britain's unconservative net zero madness

Whoops, Whoopi: the Holocaust was all about race

Free speech in the moral maze

The Amnesty International hate group

The dissolution of a free society

Appeasement mentality brings not peace but war

A shocking excuse for the indefensible

A scimitar pointed at the heart

A lethal state of denial

Political rule-breakers in the moral maze

The real lesson of the Texas synagogue attack

The crisis of scientific integrity

Speaking truth to bigotry

The emergence of Arab Zionism?

Attacking statues in the moral maze

How Arab-Israel history was rewritten

The conversation the Jewish world should be having — but isn't

London's dopey mayor

Emma Watson declares her solidarity