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The millenarian harms race

The Biden administration’s anti-antisemitism travesty

Cancel culture in the moral maze

Jew-hatred struts the stage in Berlin

Coronation, moral corruption and cultural chaos

The betrayal of America's Jews

News from Salem

The BBC's hermetically sealed thought system

How equality law grooms children for harm

Weaponising antisemitism against conservatives

Reflections on the revolution in the west

The fight for the west in an age of unreason

As Gaza’s rockets are fired at Israel, so are media missiles

My forthcoming speaking engagements

The coronation of King Charles won't just be an amazing spectacle

What the left means by "democracy"

Another week, another antisemitic outrage

The antisemitism that drives identity politics

The price Israel pays for its existence

Whoops! Diane Abbott gives the game away

Israel’s protests cross sacred red lines

The Passion of Antisemitism

The real lessons for Israel from the Good Friday Agreement

The Emperor Nero school of intellectual engagement

An unspeakable atrocity

More than a shocking discourtesy

The attack on Netanyahu’s right to govern

A troubling election

Unelected judges should rule… Seriously?

Israel's post-democracy moment

Growth and de-growth in the moral maze

The war in Iraq

The double travesty of the Windsor Framework

War and peace in the moral maze

Reframing the Middle East narrative

Israel’s two-faced allies

A world in ruins

The urgent need for Israeli electoral reform

The lost Eden of primitive societies? Perhaps not

Squishi Rishi has been hoodwinked by the fishy

The real threat to Israeli democracy

Rishi Sunak's Brexit travesty

Another atrocity against Jews -- but revenge attacks are wrong

A less than ironclad commitment

Why the whole world is indeed wrong about Israel

Tiptoeing into Israel's judicial minefield

Kate Forbes and the question of liberalism

Can the whole world be wrong?

The paedophile society

A monumental error

The dangerous perversity of counter-extremism

Money in the moral maze

The Department for the Extraction of Sunbeams from Cucumbers

The entrenchment of western Jew-hatred

Sickening humbug over Israeli massacre

Netanyahu at bay; but what about the facts?

A culture of willed depravity

The unhinged reaction to the new Israeli government

Debt in the moral maze

Taking part in Politics Live

An ancient spoon stirs mischief against Israel

Family relationships in the moral maze

The blame game

The Israeli canary in the west's cultural mine

The lost girls