Sitemap - 2020 - Melanie Phillips

The linguistic pathway for evil

A modest proposal

The mindless embrace of spiritual narcissism

Yes, it's Brexit

A stunning ruling against religious freedom

It's a deal. But is it the real deal?

Enough moaning. Our destiny is what we make it

The continued betrayal of the grooming gang victims

The "antisemitism" of John le Carré

Eton's unconscious bias

The Brexit cliff-edge

Sic transit gloria Etona

Yet more non-evidence of the election non-fraud

The Brexit end-game

Another door slams shut on democracy

The agenda that undermines America’s bond with the Jews

A viral Christmas in the moral maze

The US presidential election imbroglio

The warped reaction to the Fakhrizadeh assassination

Faith in democracy is at stake in legal battle for the presidency

The prospective return of global appeasement

A poisoned narrative

The projection of Britain in the moral maze

A political phenomenon attacks the media. No, not that one. His predecessor

How Nuremberg’s universalism undermined its noble aims

Opportunity for yet more evil

Tilting at windfarms

Starmer's battle for his party's soul

A pathway out of our Covid nightmare?

Shame for the UK at the United Nations

Boris’s carriewokey and Obama’s third term

The choice between love and hate

Boris and Biden on The View

Bravo, Rowan Williams

The healing era in the offing

Our teacher, Rabbi Jonathan

Electing a president in a volcanic culture war

The greatest scandal in US electoral history?

The morality of mortality

Nigel Farage's mistake

Keir Starmer’s deeper problem

Britain’s Labour Party will struggle to erase its moral stain

The trade in human misery and death

This is how reason dies

From textbook special forces op to legal groundhog day?

This surreal presidential election

The treason of the educational class

What sanitising Louis Farrakhan tells us about the west

The Biden story suppression scandal gets worse

Covid UK and atrocity in France on The View

Capitalism and Covid in the moral maze

The strange invisibility of the Biden corruption story

Israeli doctors battle to save Saeeb Erekat's life

The horrific fate of Samuel Paty

The BBC's problem is worse than "wokeish" bias

Religious authority in the moral maze

The liberal inquisitors of secular religion

The UN Human Rights Council is a sick joke.

Time to end this culture of impunity

The wacky random subjectivity avatars

Turning Britain and America into Salem

Dirty tricks in a hall of mirrors

Leadership in a time of pandemonium

The hideous morass of the culture wars

Why anti-Zionism is antisemitism

Why East Anglia has that sinking feeling

Holocaust education can foster hateful ignorance

Trivialising Nazism

The false comfort of confirmation bias

The racist "anti-racists"

The road to hell? Really?

The Democrats' supreme dilemma

Pandemic of irrationality

RBG: An American Jewish justice warrior

Setback for Sweden

An inconvenient truth

A trap of the Democrats' own making

Revolt against coerced conformity

The uniformity of diversity

Healing the ancient fracture

Boris blues on The View

When in a hole...

Right but Repulsive or Wrong but Wromantic?

Have cake, eat cake, choke on cake

When rabbis should not keep quiet

The Palestinian prisoner of conscience

The withdrawal agreement debacle

Epidemic of illogicality

Fish or foul: is this the real deal?

The extinction of thinking

Blind eye to incitement

Democrats and Covid on The View

How the Democrats have trashed the rule of law

Our current maelstrom

Switching the code for social harmony

The flight path to hope

Dicing with paedophilia

The free world's craven fifth column

The west’s revolutionary moment