Sitemap - 2021 - Melanie Phillips

New Year’s resolution? Abolish the UN Human Rights Council

The airbrushed feet of clay

As I was saying back in 2013...

A Christmas crusade: scapegoating the Jews

Stranded on the political zip-wire

The magical plasticity of authenticity

Trump and Netanyahu: allies no longer?

Political values in the moral maze

Clueless in Washington

Speaking to the wider world

Antisemitism and Islamophobia: a double standard

The closing of the Durham university mind

The new radicals of the counter-culture

Pressure increases on the BBC

The Iranian regime plays hardball. Who knew?

Imagine... a world with no defence against conquest

The new special relationship

Bowling the googly of identity politics

Why Israel needs a strategy to shape the narrative

Pass the smelling salts: the BBC is right

The flaw in the machine

Keir Starmer and Labour's antisemitism problem

A distinctly un-wizard witch-hunt

Cracks in the bulwarks of decency

Britain's Channel invasion farce

The most urgent threat to diaspora Jews

The unconscious historical experience of the Royal Court theatre

The real trick?

Inconvenient truths behind climate change hysteria

The tragi-comic climate doomsday cult 

What the Palestinian Arabs really want

The crucial gift of being ‘a people apart’

Vivat Elizabeth

Irrationality and the Covid vaccine

The lethal Iranian end-game

Why we really should be terrified by COP26

The "human rights" terror laundry

The baleful consequences of cultural dogmyopia

An "acceptable" level of deaths?

Our pandemic of unreason

America's first task at the UN Human Rights Council

What lies beneath the progressives' favourite cause

Sally Rooney’s very ugly world

The Iran nightmare

Far from an act of piety

Europe's deadly hypocrisy

Our greenwashed cognitive emergency

An alternative moral universe

Another lovely review of my novel

The false accusation of "Israel apartheid"

The ongoing nakba of Britain’s Labour party

The greenwashed heirs to Lysenko

The Democrats’ baleful Iron Dome fiasco

Review of The Legacy

Why "smart" people spout intersectional drivel

Downing Street's green emperor has no clothes

The cowardly enablers of thuggery

A perfect storm of imbecility

The unstoppable engine of infamy

The Booker Prize for ignorance

The day of our rejoicing

Twenty years on, the cultural fault-line remains

It’s all Just Too Difficult

The ugly face of abuse

When lunatics control the academic asylum

Biden's contemptible speech

A question of identity

The west's delusional fifth column

The state of the Jews in Britain and the world

The unholy alliance against civilisation

Paranoid conspiracies v sane and sober empiricism

The "post-normal science" of the climate apocalyse

Sleepless nights for the mangy British lion

After America

What conservatives have forgotten

The rout of America

When the Jew-bashers are Jews

Code red for scientific credibility

The west's cultural meltdown

Tehran's end-game?

Deborah Lipstadt's first task

The west's tsunami of antisemitism

The quintessence of loathing

The invisible victims of jihadi violence

Bacchanalian revels in the moral maze

Reducing reason to net zero

The president of decline

The flavour of malice

Animal sentience in the moral maze

How the west is being lost

The convenient untruth

The real challenge of reconciling Christians and Jews

The brain-frying hijack of decency

The fouls against a nation

Media malpractice as a weapon of war

A reckless gamble

Is this really what "safe and secure" means?

The real story about that Gaza death toll

Donald Rumsfeld’s disdained legacy

The elephant family in the room

Ramallah's police state

The delusional faith in reason of the liberal intellectual

Transgender sport in the moral maze

The west's revolutionary chickens coming home to roost

Appeasement in our time, once again

The posthumous Nazi front against the Jews

Potty mouths in the moral maze

Boris’s mind turns to mush

A source of cautious optimism – if anyone notices

How America is now threatening its allies

What's behind the antisemitism tsunami?

Clueless in Gaza

A right royal own goal

The virus of irrational hatred

A frog in a pot in Batley and Spen

Facing a tsunami of antisemitism, diaspora Jews cling to their bubble

My latest appearance on The View

Happiness in the moral maze

The strange reluctance to defend liberal principles

How Israel really may lose America

The murderous doctrine of moral equivalence

Why western mobs are now sticking it to the Jews

A reality check for Gaza. But has the US noticed?

The last, overlooked but still active front of World War Two

My appearance on The View

Britain slides into an antisemitic sewer

The meta-conspiracy theorists

A murderous co-operation

Labour is still yoked to the holy war on the Jews

The pathology of evil

Might Biden be turning America into Israel’s foe?

TV appearance Down Under

Hamas commits war crimes. Israel is blamed. Of course.

Join the dots

What you won't read in western media about the Jerusalem riots

Accessories to evil

A complex relationship made in heaven

The real question Labour can’t answer

How corrupted "liberalism" transforms compassion into cruelty

When "deeply uncomfortable" is deeply spineless

America smashes its moral compass and drags the world behind it

Politics Live

How antisemitism denial destroyed the west's moral compass

Being played for suckers by Tehran

The delirium of Jew-hatred

My appearance on The View

Is the US spinning out of control?

Rattling Israel's BBC tormentors

Rationality fights back

Speaking words of principle while facilitating evil

A towering Israelite

Gladstone must be spinning in his grave

Biden's impending disaster for the west

Might this become Israel's century?

Challenging the falsehoods about white supremacism

A society that's gone off the sexual rails

Hypocrisy and hysteria over the Sewell report

The uncertainty of Covid in the moral maze

Throwing a teacher under the free speech bus

Does hyper-individualism pose a threat to democracy?

Reaping the anti-west whirlwind

Magical thinking in enfeebled America

How "tamed"Jews deny what's all around them

Jared Kushner's curious change of heart

Masculinity in the moral maze

The uncontrollable non-crisis at America's southern border

The real reason women now feel unsafe

Throwing off the shackles of ignorance and propaganda

The Sussexes take morality through the looking glass

Prince Harry and Meghan in the moral maze

The contemptible Oprah /Sussex circus

Is there a ghost in the Oval Office?

Are Jews an ethnic minority? Is the BBC a broadcaster?

Vaccine passports in the moral maze

The unfolding Biden administration horror show

Britain's Supreme Court gets something very right

The return of American anti-anti-Islamism

We recognise Haman. But where are Mordechai and Esther?

Threatening their allies and appeasing their enemies

Apocalypse off? World saved?

A perfect storm of weather, wrongheadedness and wishful thinking

Why the correct answer has become the wrong answer

Theological incitement within the World Council of Churches

Sky News show, The View

Personal responsibility in the moral maze


From education to inquisition

America’s pivot towards the rogue state of Iran

The outage of sanity

The absurd malevolence of the International Criminal Court

Down the rabbit-hole to Salem

It's all about buying ourselves time

Shafting the poor to "save the planet"

Why can the left never see their own antisemitism?

Obama's third term

The vaccine blood libel

The lethal legacy of Black Lives Matter

The haredi Covid tragedy has created a crisis for Judaism itself

My TV spots this week

"Systemic climate racism". Who knew?

Decency and sanity beneath the madness in Iran

No, this is not "getting back to normal"

Vaccine hesitancy and disintegrating identity

Will America remain the strong horse on Iran?

Can there be Trumpism without Trump?

On Iran, it's groundhog day all over again

Why conservatives need to...erm, conserve

Inoculation, incompetence and intolerable exceptionalism

A president for all Americans who think like him

The losing of the western mind

A disaster and a tragedy for America, Jews and decent people everywhere

Reflections on a revolutionary society

Appalling and inexcusable

The Trump-Raffensperger phone call

Lessons from Britain's Brexit breakthrough