It told us nothing about the Royal Family and much more about Meghan, Harry and America
The public has scant idea of how it is being misled over Israel and the Palestinians
The extinction of reason, justice and freedom on campus is now to be institutionalised as American government policy
Shocked platitudes don't cut it. Jew-baiting in Britain is out of control
Fears for freedom and justice under a Democrat administration are already proving justified
Those defending constitutional order against the left have been grievously undermined.
Ignore the lies. Here are some important facts
For some, Trump was the only thing preventing the collapse of the moral and constitutional fabric
Biden is merely the boil that has now burst on a diseased body politic
Social justice warriors are now pushing scientific reason to extinction levels
The public has yet to grasp how "psy-ops" against Israel has messed with their minds
The war against the Jews is being facilitated by often unwitting accessories